The week in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a strange one. I saw someone put on social media that it is a week when no one knows the time or day or what they are supposed to be doing with their lives! It can be easy to get caught in this blurry haze this week as the year ends. You can lose track of time as you continue to eat Holiday leftovers and sweets. Of course, one of the things that has to be avoided this week is stepping on the scale. Who would do such a thing? Most of us have pushed any concept of a diet off until the start of 2019. But eventually, you’ll have to step on the scale if you want to make an accurate goal for this new year. I think that everyone should step on the scale this weekend—a scale that measures your 2018 in a realistic, honest way. Let’s step on the scale and weigh our 2018—the good, bad, and ugly.

As we begin to write down our goals, dreams, and greatest aspirations for the upcoming year, let’s take an honest look in the mirror. John Maxwell says that experience is not the best teacher, but rather, evaluated experience is the best teacher. How was your 2018? In what areas did you improve? In what areas did you miss the mark? What relationships helped you through the year? What relationships did you have to walk away from? What did you do with your free time? How did you invest in yourself?

A lot of people will avoid stepping on a physical scale because they are afraid of what they are going to see. Or they already know what they are going to see and they are actively avoiding seeing it. Don’t be afraid or discouraged by what happened in 2018. Be honest with yourself and write down some goals to make sure 2019 is a better year. Change can only happen when you’re honest with yourself and willing to take the time to evaluate your experiences.

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