Have you ever met someone who hated the sound of a balloon popping? When I was younger, I had a friend who hated it. So naturally as a young boy, I would always pop balloons around him. Finally, he told me one day that he had blown a balloon up until it exploded in his… Read More


Do you know those people that walk into a room and immediately create disagreement? They’re the kind of people who seem bent on adding fuel to existing fires, focusing on the negative in life, and making sure you know all their opinions on every topic. No one likes to be around those people because they… Read More

Day Eighteen // Don’t Lose Your Head in the Clouds

I believe it’s possible to be trapped in a fantasy. In today’s society, so many of our interactions occur through media platforms. We text, tweet, call, facetime, and post. This digital world can create unrealistic expectations. We constantly see and hear everyone’s highlight reels. We compare the Instagram and Facebook versions of people’s lives to… Read More