I was in New York this past weekend with my family. It was great to spend time with everyone, but it was awesome to see my sister because she’s pregnant with her second child. I can’t wait to meet my new niece. I’ve had the opportunity to watch my sister and sister-in-law be pregnant a few times over the last couple of years. It’s always so cool to watch their bellies grow and know that there are tiny humans inside of them! I love seeing all the steps my sister and sister-in-law take to protect the baby on the inside of them. They know that they carry something precious, life itself. They make sure to watch their diets, get enough sleep, take their vitamins, and check in with their doctors so that the baby is healthy and growing.

We all have something precious on the inside of us. We have a promise that God has given us. We have a dream that will continue to grow until eventually it makes it’s way out into reality. We need to take the right steps to protect the promise. Are you guarding the dream God has given you? Are you making sure that nothing is hurting the promise? We have to do everything we can to allow the promise within us to continue to grow and develop. Get around the right people, shut out the distractions, ignore the haters, and protect the promise at all costs. The promise God has given you is the most valuable possession you own because nothing can fulfill you like the fulfillment of God’s promise for your life.

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