A few months ago, I wasn’t feeling my best. I had been going through something which caused me to forget about some of the dreams I had for my life. Sometimes, life knocks us down and all we can see is what we lost. We become so focused on the losses of life that our vision for the future becomes blurry. It’s a lot easier to imagine a bright future when you are close to it. It’s a lot harder to dream big when you seem so far away from your goals. I was tired of feeling this way, so I started to think about my dreams and wrote them down in a private journal. As I wrote them down, my heart was filled with so much hope. Taking the step of writing down my goals and dreams naturally stirred up my faith. I felt like I could begin dreaming again for that area of my life.

Has life made you forget about certain dreams? Maybe it’s time to wake up those dreams again. When life hurts you, it can be hard to dream because there’s nothing like a sobering dose of reality to make you feel silly for dreaming big. Today, I dare you to wake that dream up. Write it down. Start talking to the people you love about it. Put it on the mirror you look at every morning. I don’t care if that dream has been dead for ten weeks or ten years. When God is in something, it’s never really over. It’s time to dream again.

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